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Scottish medieval coin ‘lost’ and found in Norfolk declared treasure

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British Airways accused of snubbing refund request

A British Airways passenger was refused a refund for a cancelled flight even after she sent screenshots of the airline’s website showing the option of a voucher was not mentioned.

Lesley Anderson says a voucher was issued “automatically” after she selected “Cancel and refund flight”.

She is the latest person to accuse the airline of misleading its customers.

British Airways has said there is “no way” that vouchers can be issued without customers requesting them.

Ms Anderson, from Irvine in Ayrshire, had been due to fly from Glasgow to London to celebrate her birthday, but disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic meant her flights were cancelled.

An email from BA included a link that took her to the “Manage my booking” section of its website, where she was presented with two ma...

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Covid: £10,000 fines for self-isolation breaches

People in England who refuse an order to self-isolate could be fined up to £10,000, the government has said.

The new legal duty requires people to self-isolate if they test positive for coronavirus, or are traced as a close contact, from 28 September.

New measures also include a one-off £500 support payment for those on lower incomes, and a penalty for employers who punish those told to self-isolate.

A further 4,422 new Covid-19 cases and 27 deaths were reported on Saturday.

There were 350 new cases reported in Scotland, the highest daily increase since May, 212 new cases in Wales, and 222 in Northern Ireland.

Fines will initially start at £1,000 rising to £10,000 for repeat offenders, and for “the most egregious breaches”. Up until now, advice to self-isolate has been guidance only...

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Mitcham murder: Man whose body was found on fire named

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Cancer taskforce aims to reduce patient backlog

A new taskforce will meet next week to kick-start the recovery of cancer services across the NHS in England.

Charities believe the pandemic has led to a significant reduction in people being referred for urgent cancer treatment.

Cancer Research UK says three million people have missed cancer screenings since March.

The taskforce aims to investigate how to ensure more people are referred, tested and checked.

At Liverpool’s new Clatterbridge cancer centre, which opened in June, treatment is up and running. The coronavirus meant face-to-face contacts with patients like Ian Crompton were greatly reduced.

‘You feel alone’

Ian has previously been treated for prostate cancer, which meant he had to self-isolate throughout lockdown. Now he needs a scan to make sure all is well.

So his first a...

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James May buys ‘half’ of Royal Oak in Swallowcliffe

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Ex-UK diplomat suspected of selling information to undercover Chinese spies

A former British diplomat is under investigation for allegedly selling information to undercover Chinese spies, a Whitehall official says.

Fraser Cameron, who runs the EU-Asia Centre think tank, is suspected of passing sensitive information about the EU to two spies allegedly posing as Brussels-based journalists.

He is alleged to have exchanged the information for thousands of Euros.

But Mr Cameron told The Times the allegations were “ridiculous”.

The former diplomat, who has worked for the Foreign Office and European Commission, says he has no access to any “secret or confidential information”.

He told Politico that the allegations “are without foundation”, saying he has “a wide range of Chinese contacts as part of my duties with the EU-Asia Centre and some of them may have a double f...

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Edition of Shakespeare’s last play found in Scots college in Spain

A rare edition of Shakespeare’s last play has been found in a Scottish Catholic college in Spain.

The Two Noble Kinsmen, written by Shakespeare with John Fletcher, was found by a researcher investigating the work of the Scots economist Adam Smith.

The 1634 volume could be the oldest Shakespearean work in the country.

In the 17th Century the seminary in Madrid was an important source of English literature for Spanish intellectuals.

The Two Noble Kinsmen was included in a volume made up of several English plays printed from 1630 to 1635.

Dr John Stone, of the University of Barcelona, said he found it among old books in the library of the Real Colegio de Escoceses – Royal Scots College (RSC) -which is now in Salamanca.

What is The Two Noble Kinsmen about?

“Friendship turns to rival...

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Woman falls from car on M25 filming Snapchat video

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Coronavirus: ‘Rule-breaking Bolton pub crawl’ saw cases rise

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